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Nintendo 3DS console’s role in video gaming

10 July 2011 by admin

One of the really cool things about modern gaming is connect-ability. Anyone with a console and an internet connection has the option to play online with other players, sometimes from across the world. Nowhere is this more obvious than with handheld gaming. The Nintendo 3DS R4i can turn any wifi network into an online multiplayer experience. It is actually fairly awe inspiring. However, it can also be fairly hit or miss. Not every game supports wifi connected play, and not all of the games that support wifi gameplay are actually entertaining to play online. With that in mind, here is a short list of games that can be fun to play on the 3DS over a wireless network.

First on the list is Mario Kart 7. For those who somehow haven’t heard of the franchise, Mario Kart is a zany Nintendo racing series in which each player tries to be the first to the finish line while messing with the other players through a variety of silly power ups. Mario Kart seems like one of those games that would be great at parties and it can be, but in a special way. Like Monopoly, Mario Kart is one of those games that brings out people’s competitive streak and really gets people in the game. In single player mode Mario Kart can be genuinely entertaining, but the game was designed for multiplayer.

Second on the list is Super Street Fighter IV. Street Fighter is a longstanding fighting series that features everything you would expect from such a game. Your primary mode of gameplay is button mashing and combo stringing as you to take down your opponent before he takes you down. It’s simple, but it can be fun, and like the previous game it pretty much demands multiplayer. Where Super Street Fighter for the 3DS stands out is in catering to online play. Super Street Fighter allows players to reap benefits for playing online, in the form of a unique system that uses battle points collected online to unlock characters.

Finally, we have Resident Evil: Mercenaries. This game is interesting in that it is sort of compilation game rather than a standalone title. Resident Evil: Mercenaries combines a series of minigames that were featured in the fourth and fifth game of the zombie killing series. While Mercenaries has been heralded for the enjoyable nature of its gameplay, it has also been criticized for the lack of gameplay content in single player. The good news is these single player criticisms do not apply to multiplayer, which takes the single-player maps and brings in more players for added entertainment. 

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